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The Unseen Child Foundation
OUR Mission:

To stop the cycle of abuse through raising awareness of all forms of child abuse; through community involvement such as education, mentoring, life skills training and advocates for youth we will stop the cycle of abuse and make the world a safe place for children of many generations to come. Which also includes: financially supporting safe houses, mentoring programs and other services that would otherwise close due to funding.

Board of Directors:

Chairman of the Board  Robert Martinez E-mail
Advisor Catherine Conklin E-mail
President Diana Joy E-mail
Vice-President Crystal Chapman E-mail
Secretary Cristele Richins E-mail
Treasurer Gale Niederworder E-mail
Advisor Catherine Conklin E-mail

Board Members:

Sandi Nieves Bio E-mail
Kurt Spenser Bio E-mail
Chanel Bell Bio E-mail
Jamie Roberts Bio E-mail
Monette Bio E-mail

Volunteers and Supports:

  • EJ Thornton
  • Eriq Cook
  • Kellie Kuizenga
  • Troy Kinney
  • Mikki Hill
  • Matt and Teresa Weesner
  • Kim McLean
  • Devon O’Day
  • Robert Jason
  • Becky Wright


UCF Sponsors:

Healing Club   Healing Club
Founded in 1995, the Healing Club is an online support community for domestic violence victims, survivors, and others who want to take part in the “healing” process or know someone who has been touched by domestic violence.

  Jimmy Wayne
Official Website

Susie McEntire-Luchsinger   Susie McEntire
Official Website

  Neil McKenzie Photography
Official Website

  Devon O'Day
Official Website

Kim Mclean   Kim Mclean
Official Website

  Becky Wright
Official Website

daves2.jpg   Dave's Highway
Official Website

UCF Partnerships:

  Camp To Belong
Official Website

  Becky Wright Songs
Official Website
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  Project MMH
Official Website

  Fast and Furyous
We have revolutionized the youth training camp; our unique approach makes our program the first of its kind. Our camp offers fun training for youth, focuses on technique, teaches leadership & uses unique motivation to strive for excellence on the field and in life.


Robert Martinez

My name is Robert J. Martinez.  I reside in Denver, CO.  I was born and raised in Weslaco, Texas.

I am a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant of 20 years of service, and a Persian Gulf War Veteran.  Learning my strengths and weaknesses and seeking self-improvement were invaluable when giving back to the Marines I led in peace time—and during the Persian Gulf War.  The relationships I developed in the Corps continue to be a part of my life still today.  Leading by example has been the motto I practiced during my tour of duty, and the foundation I continue to build upon in my new profession.

I am a sworn police officer in Denver, CO.  I have been with the department approximately 5 years.  I sit in various boards that directly affect how anti-gang programs are created, and maintained to help reduce gang recruitment, and help surpress gang violence by engaging the community to get involved and have a voice. 

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, and a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Management & Organizational Development.  Both degrees are from National University located in La Jolla, California.   

I have assumed the Chairman position for the Unseen Child Foundation in hopes of helping abused and abandoned children.  We are accomplishing this by providing safe havens for children and young adults. 

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Catherine Conklin-Ried:

Strategy and Management for high-profile celebrity and charity events; responsible for celebrity invitation and negotiations, sponsorships, charitable donation requests, auction items, and celebrity/VIP relations. Planning and coordinating marketing, public relations, promotions, and media projects.  Successfully developed and maintained independent casting agency and production company with regional and major-market projects.

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Diana Joy-Albertsen
I was the unexpected child. My twin sister and I have four other siblings. I must now open the journals of my childhood and share the gripping story of our struggles with a life of abuse. I hope that by telling my story, it will help give other unseen children, and my siblings, the courage to heal.

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Unseen Child Foundation

Our Mission:
To stop the cycle of abuse through raising awareness of all forms of child abuse; through community involvement such as education, mentoring, life skills training and advocates for youth we will stop the cycle of abuse and make the world a safe place for children of many generations to come...

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Celebrity Auction Items!!!
The shelter will be closed soon if we cannot raise the money to keep it open!!!!

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Shannon's Hope is a home with a mission to provide a residential community for pregnant women age sixteen through childbearing age who have no place to call home.

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